Canyon in the village of Buki: a natural wonder of Cherkasy

It has been compared to Stonehenge. Locals claim that there are spirits here, and in ancient times, Cossacks-characters performed their rites. Scientists have established: the granites that form the rocks of the Beech Canyon are more than 2 billion years old! It is no wonder that this place impresses with its power. Today it attracts tourists, extreme rock climbers and moviegoers. It is said that even from Indian Bollywood came here to shoot films!

We created a copy of the canyon at Miniland.UA from sculptural clay. The shape was cut out by hand and covered with epoxy resin so that it would not blur. After all, the water that flows in us is real. The grass among the stones was grown with flock and foam, so it looks the same as in real life. Take a look and see for yourself!

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Such a rocky landscape is quite atypical for the plains of central Ukraine. The canyon, more than 5 kilometers long, was formed when a glacier moved through these lands tens of thousands of years ago. He left behind a pile of giant stones. Later, the river, which broke through the granite boulders, was named the Mountain Tikich. Its width in these places reaches only 40 meters, but the depth is considerable: up to 20 meters. But the picturesque waterfall Vyr, from which the mysterious world of the canyon begins, has an artificial origin. It was formed after the construction of the first small hydroelectric dam in Ukraine in the 20s of the last century.

In general, these rocks have seen a lot. Tatar hordes, Polish royal troops, Cossack rebels hiding in caves … who was not there! But in modern times, Butsky Canyon became famous only recently, after pop stars began to use the location in their music videos. It got to the point that they came here to shoot a movie from distant India! At least the local residents are willing to mention this.

They tell various mystical legends of the Beech Canyon. They say that local spirits do not like visitors who misbehave. For example, they push drunkards and those who pollute the environment off the rocks. So keep that in mind.

Another legend claims that the characteristic Cossacks held a kind of exams for their candidates here. They ordered young sorcerer warriors to jump from the highest cliff. And not in the water, but on the hard shore! This should reveal the magical abilities of the “newcomer”. Well, those who crashed were considered professionally unfit.

Now, fortunately, such competitions are no longer held, and Bukska Canyon attracts fans of kayaking, rock climbing and relaxing by the water. Regulars state that it is good to dream and make plans for the future here. Because they are fulfilled!

How various quirks come to life in Miniland.Ua. After all, when no one is looking, characters come to these rocks again, and water spirits crawl out of the water. But no one jumps off the cliff. Everyone is playing beach volleyball and grilling mushrooms. Stay near our Butsky Canyon for a longer time and maybe you will smell their aroma 🙂


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