Trypil thermal power station: the most powerful in the Kyiv region

Some people see a kind of man-made beauty in this Zdrove power plant, while others complain that the Trypil coal-fired thermal power plant pollutes the environment. One way or another, this facility is one of the most notable industrial and tourist attractions of the Obukhiv district near Kyiv.

The dimensions and power of the Trypilska CHP are impressive! It occupies an area of ​​more than 280 hectares and produces a total of 3,200 MW of electricity. One and a half thousand people work here. The coal dumps for the station form a kind of “mountainous” landscape on the nearest coast of the Dnieper. Being in these picturesque places, it is simply impossible not to notice the power plant.

Just like on the territory of Miniland.UA!

We recreated the power plant as accurately as possible in the smallest details. There is a machine shop, an administrative building, fuel oil storage, a depot with a garage and a coal warehouse. Even the pipes “smoke” as if they were real! But the main difference from real life (apart from size, of course) is that our Trypil CHP is absolutely environmentally friendly.

You probably know that all kinds of miracles happen at Miniland.UA when our country is not watched by visitors. So, if English young wizards go to Hogwarts from London’s King’s Cross station, Ukrainian future wizards start their journey from Ivano-Frankivsk station. The truth is the truth. Here, too, there is its own magical platform, hidden from human sight. Take a closer look and maybe you can guess which of the passengers will follow the path of Harry Potter!

We hope that soon all energy facilities in the world will become like this, and their buildings will remain only as monuments of the technological progress of mankind. Meanwhile, the Trypil thermal power plant near Obukhov faithfully supplies electricity to the Kyiv, Cherkasy and Zhytomyr regions and provides jobs for a considerable number of local residents. What’s more, thanks to the power plant, even a new settlement has grown nearby: the city of energy workers Ukrainka.

By the way, among the little residents of Miniland.UA, work at the CHP is also considered honorable and interesting. In addition, the working day here lasts only half an hour, and the rest of the time you can play ping-pong and watch TV series. Eh, everyone would like that!

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