Kyiv nine-story building in modernism style

What is this, an ordinary panel from the sleeping area? Everything is true, but not completely. The old series 1-464A-20 is one of Kyiv’s business cards. Chokolovka, Vidradny, Voskresenka, Solomyanka, Darnytsia are still massively built up with such “Khrushchevs at full speed”. The buildings turned out to be somewhat clumsy, not super-comfortable, but cozy and cute in their own way. It smells like fried potatoes, cats hang out in basements, and all the neighbors know each other. In a word, home.

We set ourselves the task of making this layout as realistic as possible. That’s why there are different-looking “king-balconies”, air conditioners sticking out of the walls, and even neighbors who don’t know how to park properly. The apartments have lighting, pasted wallpaper and tiled floors. The most difficult thing was to reproduce the decoration of the facade, to repeat the texture and texture of real ceramic tiles made in the USSR. There were two versions of the master models: some we printed on a 3D printer, and others we cut out by hand. The second method won.

Do you want to know why such houses are considered dangerous and why the lights are always on in their entrances? Then read on!

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So, such typical nine-story buildings were first built in 1965. Their main feature was the unusual layout of the entrance and staircases. They are located directly in the center of the house, so the whole house looks like a big concrete well.

It is because of this feature that modern experts consider the 1-464A-20 series to be dangerous (and not at all because of local hooligans, as one might think). As practice has shown, this is not very good considering the risk of fire. And because of such a strange decision, the entrance does not have its own windows to the street. That’s why the light bulbs here must be constantly on, otherwise it’s dark – even if you can see with your eyes.

However, the cube house always evokes nostalgic feelings. After all, someone grew up in such a place, someone lives now, or just visits friends.

Did someone sing, or did we think so?

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You are aware that when visitors and employees of Maniland.UA part ways, miracles begin here? Every night, an unknown uncle with a mustache comes under our nine-story building in Kyiv and loudly sings love serenades under the balconies. Residents don’t like it at all. They steal tomatoes from their uncle. But he still comes and comes. Love, what are you doing here?

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