Water mill in the village of Kvitneve

This three-story mill literally grows out of the water, more precisely from the Unava River. He appeared here in 1905. But history has left no mention of who built the mill or was its owner. They say that the area was owned by the sons of Countess Sofia Kudasheva in those days. So maybe one of them did a good deed.

It is known for sure that at Minilamd.UA the mill looks exactly like in real life, and maybe even better. It, like the original, stands in a real reservoir, so a lot of time was devoted to waterproofing the first floor during the creation of the miniature. Moreover, there is electricity inside! Each room is lit separately, which adds to the realism.

But the main attraction of our mill is a fully functional dam and wheel. Everything that has to rise and fall, rises and falls. Everything that has to spin, spins. So stay here a little longer and admire.

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Once there were many such mills all over Ukraine. They were erected on rapid rivers so that the force of the water, turning the giant wheels, would grind the grain into flour. Mass electrification made these big men useless and most of them fell into a state of complete disrepair. This handsome guy is lucky. In 2017, enthusiasts undertook its restoration and now the restored building pleases the eyes of travelers and tourists.

However, as always, the main thing lies inside. During the reconstruction, it turned out that most of the old mechanisms of the mill remained in their places, and in quite good condition. So the mill in Kvitnevo has preserved many historical artifacts and rarities.

By the way, our ancestors always treated water mills with respect. And at the same time with some fear. It used to be believed that abandoned mills harbor various evil spirits. And the mill in Kvitnevo stood empty, how much! However, we are not hinting at anything.

We already know that at Minilamd.UA all kinds of mysticism is happening when no one sees. They say when the mill wheel does not want to turn, or the dam does not rise – these are the jokes of the local Waterman. They love such picturesque places!

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